Leisure Spa Chemicals

It is very important to maintain a sanitary leisure spa whether it is for private use at home or for a business such as a leisure salon. Keeping your spa sanitary requires that you have the right supplier of chemicals, someone who knows exactly what is needed to keep a spa clean. Many people neglect to clean their spas properly ignoring the dangers of dirty water. Remember, you or others will be going in there half dressed and you can catch all manner of diseases. So who is the best suppler of chemicals for your spa?

• Find a company that knows what it is talking about. When it comes to sanitizing spas, there are certain things that are involved: the water has to be changed every 3 or 4 months, the spa has to be sanitized, it has to go through a process called “shocking” which oxidizes the water to kill things such as dead skin and other bacteria and the pH balance has to be just right. If your supplier is talking this kind of lingo then it is likely that you are on the right path.

• Finding a supplier who can deliver the chemicals and do the work is also important. There are some companies that only deliver chemicals, leaving you to find someone else to clean and sanitize your spa. This is a waste of time; there are many companies that are happy to do delivery and cleaning.

• Are they members of the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association? This is a body which is charged with making sure that suppliers of swimming pool and spa chemicals adhere to industry standards. If you don’t like the way they have cleaned your spa you can report them.

• The chemicals that you get should be gentle on the skin. There are some chemicals that are simply too harsh – each time you use the spa your skin becomes dry and flaky. A good spa chemical supplier will make sure that they deliver chemicals that are gentle to the skin.

• Price also matters when it comes to spa chemicals; there are some companies that are very expensive only because they sell to high end clients. Don’t waste money on them because there are excellent spa chemicals that come at competitive prices.

• It is best to use a service that uses computerized water analysis because it helps them get more accurate results.